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The Executioner gets HIT BY A BULLET in this Bullet Proof Zombie Test!

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There are literally hundreds of military bases, and police stations around the world, so, the chances that you'll end up being attacked by a Bullet Proof Zombie are not as rare as you might think. There are, of course, several different types of body armor with different purposes and class ratings. In this episode, we test a surplus bullet proof helmet provided by our friend, KGB Survivalist!

Click this link to see Zombie Go Boom and KGB Survivalist test a BULLET PROOF VEST: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEAWUb5Z9LU

Also, check out our website for lots of zombie killing weapons and more:

ALSO, if you want to get more personal with ZGB, visit our second channel:

Zombie Go Boom: We test weapons and everyday objects so see if you have what it takes to kill the undead! New episodes every week! Be sure to tell your friends! Thanks for watching.

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