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Spy Alarm - Remote Start Car Alarm (SPY 2 Two Way LCD Car Alarm)

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"SPY 2 Two Way LCD Car Alarm"

It arrived Wednesday morning, I installed it the same day, and filmed the alarm in action that night. This video is what it's like to use. Overall, i'm happy with it.

The remote is nice, has a well built feel about it, has a solid aerial which wont easily break off (unlike my previous alarm's remote), is easily heard and felt (vibration), has a 3 colour backlight for the display representing different events (tho that is somewhat impossible to see in the day) and the LCD has a nice feel to it.

The sirent beeps also sound normal, and for a sub $100 alarm system (inc postage to country victoria from interstate) i'm wrapped! :D

The packaging for the product is excellent, came with a comprehensive instruction set in English (not engrish) and was relatively painless to install.

I've got it interfacing with the existing central locking, and wanted to hook up the alarm's remote output to open the rear hatch glass but couldnt find the wiring loom for that! The remote start is tied into the handbrake as well so it will not start unless that is on, also being an automatic vehicle, it will never start unless it's in park or neutral.

Being a two way remote, it receives feedback from the vehicle and alerts the remote via a quick tune, a vibration and the display on the remote. It's got pretty good range despite me not installing the aerial in it's recommended place. The remote also uses a standard AAA battery, not some obscure lithium nuclear powered button cell no one has ever heard of.

Aside from a lack of auxillary switched outputs, there are no downsides to this alarm. If you're handy with a multimeter, and soldering iron, get this!

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