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Mongoose GPS Tracker

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Gone in 60 seconds? Find it in 30 seconds!

Mongoose VT404 Vehicle GPS Tracker for Smart phones'
Track your vehicle by GPS on iPhone or other mapping capable Smartphone - no computer necessary'

Mongoose brings you a GPS tracker that can be completely controlled and monitored by your mobile phone - no computer or software necessary - it's your choice how you track it.

Or, why not track it on our M-TRAK GPS website ? 24/7 access to our data logging website. See your vehicle 'live' or 'history'. Re-trace where it has travelled and at what speed. See our website for more details.

• Manual and automatic tracking
• Vehicle alarm sounding alert
• Tow alert
• SOS 2 way voice communication
• Capable of covert listening via concealable microphone
• Geo-fence - set a restricted radius of travel
• Programmable for alerts each time engine is started and stopped
• Choose your own password to protect all commands and usage
• Communicates via GSM mobile phone (GPRS capable)
• SMS text messages control the tracker
• Data includes latitude/longitude, time, date, speed, direction of travel
• Communicates with up to 3 mobile numbers
• Low vehicle battery alert
• Power saver function with auto turn on via built-in motion sensor
• Easy installation
• Magnetic GPS and Hi-Gain on-screen GSM antennas supplied
• Requires a Vodafone GSM SIM card - not supplied
• 12 volt operation with battery back-up

www.mongoose.co.nz - www.mongoose.com.au

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