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Life is Strange ep 9 - Let's Play w/ Live Commentary and Facecam

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What’s popping you positive people! This is your boy Garbo bringing you the first episode of the Life is Strange series. This game is similar to an interactive point and click story. However, it has much more depth then that.

“You play Max Caulfield, a photography student who returns to her hometown of Arcadia Bay to attend the prestigious Blackwell Academy. Max is shy, loves selfies and retro cameras, and also has the power to rewind time. She learns this latter fact while saving the life of Chloe, a punkish, blue-haired Blackwell dropout.”

This excerpt from PC Gamer gives us a slight insight into the beginning of the story without reveling too much. The game starts us off in a high school environment. Life is Strange is very good at setting a pace, as well as activating the nostalgia of high school.

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