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Kapital - Miss Your Shot Ft. TomaHawk

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Добавлено by Admin В Tomahawk
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"Miss Your Shot" Ft. TomaHawk, New track off kapitals upcoming mixtape - Once Upon A Lifetime Feedback is appreciated!



Sometimes i wonder should i know, To go for it or let it go Its like i drag my feet then i realise My whole damn life starin me in the eyes, and im starin back, to damn focused fadin away with all the hope and dreams, that i ever viewed including the ones that i never persued and i miss it now, i need to change it, pick it up and rearrange it all power down and disengage it, relocate my missin pages, like doors are closin, give it up, times tickin fast and its gettin tough, so in hip hop, i put all my trust, i need to be found like a diamond in the rough, but all the succes that iv ever seen, been passed around but none for me, like everything i ever tried for so i work hard for what i thrive for, find yourself, and never loose you or youl be the only one that ever knew you, missed some chances cause i lost track, theyre the only things that i really want back


Feelin a bit behind gotta make up my mind
rhyming emotion amplified,
Times movin slower, as im growin older
Life can be a bitch man, ya you know her?
Teaching lessons,
Cruel intentions,
Pain in the heart but no chance to mention,
shits gettin bumpy, gritt road, no suspension
Nothin to lean on but these brainstorm sessions,
Theres no room for reoccurence
If i loose this shit there aint no insurance,
Had passions in the past that im never gettin back
Wanna get big but only on my third track
After "Difference" opened just a lil crack
before that i was starin at the door matt
where i go now ,only god knows
Im puttin my foot in this shit cause it cant close
You ever been so close you could almost grab it?
Gone and tried out but you couldnt really hack it
Proud of yourself but not where you came from
you try to live your life but it just aint the same one
I wonder this happens, Anxiety attackin
Its love that im lackin it aint the romantics
Hear me clearly there aint no static
I work hard everyday, i dont need this wack shit
Ready to rhyme, runaway astray
ask who i am? i say Thomas Rees Tait
Im misunderstood and its not ok
spent my life imprisoned behind closed gates
Theres gotta be a key in me that leads to peace
Inspirie Real M.C's to Fuck shit up like DMT
chasin my dreams like im asleep and
I awake to the sound of my alarm clock beepin,
Dont even wanna move but its time for school
This shits my life, its what i do
Through blood sweat and tears you could never really catch up
My emotions my heart my mind are all mashed up,
Hip-hops my world and shes enough,
cause raps the only love i can see addin up
She the carpet, im Aladdin
harness the pain, enterain, run plays like Madden

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