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Rocking the Region 2017 | The Psalms (SIngapore) – Titan

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THE PSALMS have been constructing and redefining their music since 2006. In an interview with France's VoxPop, the reputable music magazine described their sound as "rhythmic potency in metal sounds with guitars blending both hardcore and noise, and a voice, similar to that of Camellia Jordana calling us into singing, shouting, and story-telling". The Jakarta Post journalist, Ari Ernesto Purnama, called them "Singapore's pro-rock jewel", adding that "they're Sun Ra with rock riffs and a jazz improv a la Miles Davis with surprises thrown here and there, plus distorted bass lines akin to Japan's Ruins."

The band crafts music with controlled chaos, fusing heavy rock riffs with syncopated jazz improvs. Released in 2015, their debut album PEOPLE EATING PEOPLE saw a change in direction from their first EP, ISHMAEL’S WISHLIST. Visceral and unrelenting, each song is about human behaviour, told in nine chapters.

About Rocking the Region:
16 bands from eight countries perform over eight days at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. Listen to the soundtrack of each city and embrace the diverse styles and cultures that all carry the rebel heart of rock ‘n’ roll.

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